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 Ronald W. Tallman, M.Th. 

Individual and Relationship  Counseling, Psychotherapy, Spiritual Development


    Offices Located Near I-225 and E. Iliff Ave. in Southeast Aurora   Click here for Maps to Our Office

Phone:  303-369-8877          Fax: 303-636-9938


Feel free to call us at 303-369-8877 to discuss your concerns.

There is no charge for a  20 minute initial discussion on the phone.

The information below provides a brief introduction to some issues and how they may be treated.

 Each person is unique. Our therapy is tailored to your life experiences and the outcomes you wish to achieve.

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Books about NLP, EFT
Emotional Issues  Anger.  Mood Swings.  Low Energy/Depression.  Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  Anxiety. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Recovery from Abuse  New methods of treatment can heal the pain from abuse as a child or an adult.
Addictions and Compulsions  Television, Video Games,  Mobile Phones, Computers. Eating. Shopping. Gambling. 
Fears (Phobias)     Fear of Flying, Fear of Water, Claustrophobia, Fear of success and other fears
Becoming Smoke Free  Our basic Stop Smoking Plan is 3 sessions.
Relief from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Recently discovered methods of treatment can often bring substantial reduction in the symptoms of PTSD.
Romance   How to select a healthy partner and develop a long term relationship.
Creating a Loving Family    Stop the Arguments. Learn to build trust again.  Effective Parenting
Men's Issues
Mid-Life Awakening for Men    Men who raise fundamental questions about their lives are often discounted by being told they are going through a "mid-life crisis".  In our therapy we take these times of deep introspection seriously as a natural part of healthy maturation. We call these times "Awakening" for they provide an opportunity for men to learn more about themselves and choose how they will live their lives in the next phase of their journey.
Medical Issues  Control pain, blood pressure, stress.  Improve your immune system.  Mental imaging to assist healing.
Finding Meaning and Purpose in Life  
Becoming Ageless   Your genetic make up is only part of the equation on aging. Your unconscious programming is crucial to staying energetic and healthy.
Building Self Confidence  
Books about NLP, EFT
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