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Medical Issues

We have found success in using our therapy in the following areas:

Pain Management. We work with patients who have chronic pain to reduce or eliminate  pain for periods of 2 to 24 hours. 

  Stress Management.  

     Controlling blood pressure through mental imaging.

        Improving immune system function

          Healing the body through mental imaging

             Asthma Symptoms

We often utilize visual imaging to improve health.  Basically this involves imagining yourself as a healthy person in the future and then seeing and feeling yourself in various stages from perfect health back to your condition today.  NLP and EFT methods are used extensively.  These methods have been found effective, when used in conjunction with traditional medical therapies of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation, in eliminating cancer in patients who were diagnosed as terminal.

The most difficult task in therapy initially is to create in the patient a belief that the disease can be slowed or healed completely. This usually involves changing the programming which medical professionals may have installed in the patient. 

WE DO NOT GUARANTEE ANY CURES.  We simply believe that the body has a tremendous ability to heal itself and that many physical conditions and disease are the result of unconscious programming, stress, anger, guilt, poor self image, poor nutrition and lack of proper exercise.

Feel free to call us at 303-369-8877 to discover if your methods would be appropriate for your condition. There is no charge for a fifteen minute initial evaluation discussion on the phone.





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