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Mid-Life Awakening for Men

Men move through several phases in their lives.

         1) Birth and education. Usually lasts into the mid-20's.

         2) Mid-20's through the child rearing years.  The first career.

         3) Age 50 to 70. The second career.

         4) The next productive phase extends from age 70 to 90 or later. This may be another career, sometimes as a volunteer.

An "awakening" usually happens as we approach each dividing point. 

"Mid-life Crisis" has been used to dismiss the process of questioning which naturally arises in men between the ages of 35 and 55.

We prefer to refer to this process as Mid Life Awakening. We  see it as a healthy stage of development.  The questions which men  characteristically ask at this stage are about values, integrity, and the purpose of their lives. Men often begin to realize they have been living primarily according to other people's programs up to that point. They become aware that  they have been striving to please their parents, their wives, their children, or their employers.  In the awakening they realize they have been doing little to fulfill themselves. 

In our therapy we help men explore these deep questions and to find their own answers. In the process they discover more about themselves, their gifts, their weaknesses, and what truly makes them happy.  They learn  how to develop deeper relationships with their male and female friends, their children and their wives. They discover inner peace and more energy.  They usually make major decisions about the purpose of their life in the next phase of their journey. 

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