Our Therapy,  Hypnosis,  and Training Programs are Especially  Effective in these Areas:

Emotional Issues

      •  Anger   

•   Depression  

•  Anxiety

•  Mood swings   

•  Bipolar

   Healing Traumatic Memories

Psychological Concerns  

Low self-esteem.

Relational Issues

Effective Tobacco Stop Smoking Program

Physical Health

Training for Success in Business

 Ronald W. Tallman, M.Th.

        Master Therapist    

We use an Integrative Approach to Therapy

This means that we  draw from a rich variety of traditions and sciences that have been proven to be effective in helping people like yourself achieve full health and vitality in life.  These include Western Pyschology and Medicine, Christian teachings, Eastern understandings of the energy systems of the body, and the most recent discoveries in the fields of neuroscience: NLP, EFT, EMDR, Positive Psychology. Mindfulness and Hypnosis.

We Focus on Your Strengths

We  focus on using your strengths to help you achieve the changes  you want in your life. This is quite different than the illness model used by many mental health professionals.

We Help You Reprogram Your Unconscious

Many problems are caused by conflicts between our conscious and unconscious minds. Often painful events of the past are being relived day after day in our unconscious, stealing energy and joy from our lives. As we help you  heal from past events and resolve these conflicts, healing energy is released so that you feel harmony and peace.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Ron employs humor and laughter in his therapy.  It is hard to stay depressed when you are laughing.  This is an actual therapeutic model which Ron uses to help his patients achieve their goals.

 Prescription Medications

We rarely find it necessary for our clients to take mood altering medications.  Many problems such as ADHD and depression can be resolved through the use of hypnosis and stress reduction.  

   Comments from  Clients

en crave cigarettes any more.”  Female, age 50.